donderdag 11 juni 2009

So Mediocre

So I've been slacking again. So sorry. So here's a funny haahaa, you so funny, picture to make good. So you can see, so I've been busy being succesful. So expect new shit, quick quick, boom boom. Also, partytime.

woensdag 29 april 2009

BlackBerry Throwback Post

So, I'm back in Amsterdam for sorta good I guess. So, I should probably make the most of it. So, yeah, well, So, no. Here's some random cool stuff. So, you kno, so u kno how cool I am. So, pretty fuckin goddamn awesome. So yeah. So these shots were all created. Yeah. By me. So, using the now antique n obsolete Blackberry Curve. So yeah. So I'ma be more updating n shit. So ha.

maandag 13 april 2009


So, I've been MIA like MIA. So I sorta lost my cardreader. So thats my excuse. So, deal with it.

woensdag 18 maart 2009


So I've been away again. So I'm away again. So I'm in Austinage in the Texasage. So Le Le did a bit of a showage. So I ate Steak n Eggs finally. So BYOB ur own XTC. N also drive with pride. N also, they give away the cigarettes for the free here. So, just So u know!

maandag 2 maart 2009

Doing So So

So here is some more randomness. So Just this n that. So it's not all in Tokyo anymore. So deal with it. So have fun n lol a little. So don't be a jerk today. So right?

So I'm going going back back to Paris Paris

So I went to Paris. So People came. So drugs were taken. So it was in Le Regine. So here are some early evening pics. So Vincent Vos was there. So be on the lookout for more partypics. So in those I look like I took some drugs. So maybe I did. So who knows.